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Willow representing the fallen soldier in the 2016 Milford Pararde
Willow representing the fallen soldier in the 2016 Milford Pararde

Welcome to Heavenly Horse Stables, located inside Hell Creek Campground, we provide a safe and educational environment. Whether you’re 80 or 8, we have a way for you to connect with a horse! Enjoy time with our horses and  other farm animals, join us on a trail ride through Pinckney State Recreation Area on one of our friendly horses. Never been on a horse? Join us for a lesson to learn how to communicate with our equine partners

People can come to achieve a horse filled goal in their lives; We encourage personal growth and achievement through the peace and serenity in horses. We believe the bond that is formed between horse and rider is special and strives to create a difference in how riders view, ride, work, and handle horses in hopes to create better equestrians for future generations to make the world a better place for horses. We understand the importance of implementing the foundation of how to ride correctly, that’s why we use a riding curriculum to ensure that every rider stays on track and reaches their goals based off the own individual riding plan. We tailor to those learning to ride, who want to brush up on some skills or who just want to ride for fun. We have programs in place to allow clients to develop courage, trust, leadership skills and many other attributes which all contribute to the making of a great equestrian.

Working around horses regularly will allow you to learn about yourself, other people, and interacting with the world. Once you realize what you can achieve naturally, your self esteem will increase.

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